Our company produces oleo-gas shock-absorbers for installation in light and ultralight aircraft.

  • Are used without springs
  • Are light weight
  • Are designed for long life and have high reliability
  • Are pumped up by air with the high pressure manual pump. Pressure charge up to - 20atm(285psi).
  • Aviation shock absorbers

    There are many designs of shock absorbers and shock absorber systems: springs, automobile liquid shock absorbers or a combination using springs and rubber shock absorbers
    One of the reasons why our business has been successful in the manufacturing of oleo-gas shock- absorbers for light and ultralight aircraft is the conclusive advantage in comparison with other types of landing gear styles.

    Advantages of the oleo-gas shock-absorbers:

  • The best absorption rate of impact energy which reduces the load that the aircraft fuselage experiences and reduces the probability of bouncing and damage to the plane
  • A significant weight reduction
  • The stiffness of the landing gear is adjustable
  • Comparable cost of the complete landing gear to other designs
  • Despite all of the advantages of ole-gas absorbers, there is a problem of searching and selecting suitable shock-absorbers for specific aircraft.

    For large aircraft, the design and manufacturing of shock-absorbers is a specialized business

    For light aircrafts, there are no similar manufacturing companies. Some designers use shock absorbers from other aircraft (which have many of the same parameters) or use motorcycle or automobile components. The design of automotive shock absorbers is completely different from aircraft styles as the rate of energy absorption not adequate.

    Our business solves the problem in searching for aviation shock-absorbers. Our experts successfully find the best solutions for the design and adjust the manufacturing processes as necessary and perform testing on the finished products.


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