Absorber's design

Depending on technical requirements and operational load on the shock-absorber which is defined by weight of the aircraft and the landing gear kinematics, shock-absorbers have different design, different dimentions of the channels for the overflowing of the liquid, different volume of the liquid and gas

The valve and leakage channels of our shock-absorbers have a classical aviation design

The cylinder is made of the high-strength aluminium alloy with hard oxidation of the friction surfaces.

The shaft is made of steel, covered with hard chrome, finished up to shine.

Sealing are made of high resistant material with low friction factor ECOPUR. Sealings have the special cross section shape which provides the tightness. They are designed for long time work in conditions of the oil environment with high speeds of movement of friction surfaces.

The shock-absorber can have on the ends ears, or sleeves for installation in the cut of the tube of the landing gear strut.

All shock-absorbers are tested at the stand and have a guarantee 1 year.


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