Brake systems

ACENTER offers the complete set of the brake system elements for the light or ultralight aircrafts.
The brake system includes:

  • 1.Master cylinder
  • 2. Wheel cylinder
  • 3. Parking valve
  • 4. Dual control valve
  • 5. Remote reservoir
  • 6. Separate braking valve
  • 7. Connections, piping
  • Elements of brake system are made of a high-strength aluminium alloy. For connection of the high pressure piping the conic thread 1/8 " is used.Sealings are made of ruber resistant to brake liquid DOT4 .

    All elements of the brake system are checked up under the work pressure.

    On the drawing the brake system's configuration variant is shown.

    It is brake system for the plane with dual control. Master cylinders are installed on the control stick.

    For the possibility of braking for the right and left pilot either separately, or simultaneously the dual control valve is used. The dual control valve is used in combination with unblocking valve for preventing undesirable brake blocking.

    For blocking brakes on parking with started engine is used parking valve.

    For increasing the ground control efficiency of the plane is used the separate braking valve. In case of using one master cylinder on the control stick the separate braking valve allows to block both wheels at symmetric position of the pedals or one wheel at the turned pedals.


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