Тормозные системы


Parking valve

Parking valve is used for blocking brakes with started engine.
For blocking brakes it is necessary to turn the valve and to press a pedal (handle) of a brake. The pressure created in system will be kept until the valve will not be open.


Separate braking valve

The separate braking valve allows to block both wheels at neutral position of pedals or one wheel at the turned pedals. Valve ACS-2 is applied if the master cylinders are mounted on the control stick. Valve ACS-2 connected with the pedals by rod.



Connections, piping

We offer a full set of the fittings (ports) for different types of pipelines:

  • 1,2 - the fitting with a conic thread 1/8 " for high pressure lines for the copper pipeline 4х1 diameter, the plastic pipeline 6х1 diameter and 4х1 diameter
  • 3,5. the connections for connection with the remote reservoir
  • 4. the connections for brake system bleeding
  • 6.T-connector type1
  • 7.T-connector type 2
  • Also high pressure piping are offered:

  • copper 4х1 diameter
  • plastic 6х1 diameter
  • plastic 4х1 diameter

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