Elements of aviation designs

To fly a home-built aircraft… at least once!

There are numerous designs of light and ultralight airplanes to build and fly. Every design engineer has his own opinion as to what an aircraft should be, however all aircraft are constructed of a standard set of components. The aim of our work is to make sure that the designers have an opportunity to choose for their projects high quality, reliable and light-weight parts that will satisfy all of the technical requirements.

We can deliver Custom Experimental as well as Production Run Parts
Our products are premium quality, fabricated of the highest grade aircraft rated materials, made by
trained aviation specialists.
We can satisfy most of your production needs
Our tooling specialists can provide custom tooling for your production runs

You Require:

  • A product constructed of the highest quality materials
  • A product manufactured to your exact specifications
  • To save money
  • Our Ukrainian specialists will provide these services (and more) for you.

    it is not just a good idea to use parts specifically designed for your aircraft, it is a guarantee for your safety


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